Everything Becoming Red

We all quickly became familiar with virology lingo even if we didn’t understand the science itself. ‘Herd immunity’, ‘viral load’, the ‘RO’ factor, ‘flattening the curve’ etc We were bombarded through daily news updates broadcast nationally. As such medical jargon became normal, increasing numbers of self-appointed ‘experts’ appeared, promoting intolerant, poorly informed views and conspiracy theories over every aspect of the virus and its management and exacerbating the polarisation of C21st society.

By late March 2020 the numbers infected and dying from the virus were becoming extremely upsetting. Hence the increase in red here = danger, alert, blood etc. surrounding figures, angels, a priest, skeletons

The ace of hearts. Bulls Eye and 1960s pop iconography.

The source of the virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease Covid-19, has been linked to a ‘wet’ market in Wuhan, China that sold the fresh meat and fish of animals often killed on the spot including wild and banned species. It is thought that the virus ‘jumped’ through gene swapping from animals in the crowded market conditions. Early days in our understanding.

Skeleton and Floral Shapes mimic the style of images in medieval illuminations.

Dr Li Wenliang. A Chinese doctor in Wuhan warned of a new unidentified virus at the end of 2019.