Dr Li Wenliang

Ophthalmologist and Covid Whistle blower.

Here is a second image devoted to this astute, heroic clinician. At the end of December 2019 Wenliang & a group of colleagues working at Wuhan hospital in central China, declared on social media their suspicion that a new SARS like disease had emerged in Wuhan and urged the use of PPE. He and others were quickly arrested, reprimanded & forced to sign a ‘letter of admonition’ by the Chinese authorities.

Wenliang contracted the disease himself and died on February 7th 2020, aged only 33 years. His parents survived the virus and his wife, widow Fu Xuejie, gave birth to their second son the following June 2020. After huge public outpouring nationally and internationally condemning the Chinese authorities atrocious behaviour, Li Wenliang was given China’s highest possible award – that of ‘martyr’ for his country.