Skeletons, Human Figures, Keys March 2020

Predominately dirty yellows, oranges as the storm hit.

Praying skeletons that reference medieval manuscripts appealing for salvation.

Air flights were halted.

Lockdown 1. Commenced in England on March 23rd 2020.

Social distancing enforced. No socialising, certainly no parties (What a loaded word that has now become!)

Key shapes & human forms merge.

No drones. The police starting using drones to help enforce lockdown within the Peak District. Were hundreds going to be snogging each other in the blowy uplands?

I was particularly bewildered & enraged by police action taken in that region at the ‘Blue Lagoon’ near Buxton. This ex quarry is filled with beautiful turquoise water that is a tourist draw. The police, in their wisdom, dyed the water black to ‘make it less appealing’. Chillingly, it appeared that because some police powers were enhanced, forces interpreted this as an opportunity to take the law into their own hands, and this occurrence, during an environmental crisis, appalled me.