Skull & Crossbones and Single Skulls are the main theme of these two pages.

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 became the official names of the disease and the virus by WHO (the World Health Organisation) on February 11th 2020 and as it emerged dramatically in Lombardy, in northern Italy, the British Press started finger wagging at Italy from February 21st 2020*.

The effect on Italian productivity was dramatic because the country semi shut down. Global food supplies to the UK were to prove logistically very difficult at the start of lockdown because structures were not in place, and those from Italy were particularly problematic. Pasta, a huge trade food staple from Italy to the UK, became scarce, then overbuying became a national issue until formal rationing to shoppers was introduced.

*Since making these images medical research now indicates that the Covid virus existed in Italy as early as September 2019 – well before the Wuhan cases, suggesting that the undetected virus was hanging out far more widely than we’d known!

Skeleton dons a face mask.

Face Masks were part of the P.P.E. -Personal Protective Equipment (or kit) essential for hospital and care workers, but with so much competition for this it was a nightmare for care organisations to access in the huge quantities required. Lack of PPE became a scandal that profoundly compromised the NHS and arguably contributed to many additional deaths The government contracts for PPE has been embroiled in accusations of corrupt and dodgy deals which are still being investigated.

The Ace of Spades. Often the highest card value in the pack. Prince Charles had the virus early on. His, unlike the Prime Minister’s, was not an extreme case.

The skull becomes perhaps, a Munch scream?