Loo Rolls, White Lint Cloth, Feet & Fingers, Birth & Babies

Washed down colours as the reality dawns.

Loo rolls

From the start loo roll packs were purchased in industrial quantities without any rationing in place. Supermarket shelves emptied on them in minutes… Had I missed something? Did they possess a secret, anti-viral ingredient? And how could I get hold of a single roll? I saw one man navigating three trolleys full of them down a supermarket aisle, like a drunken freight train. I should have photographed / documented it.

Finger Prints & Feet

In archaeology finger and foot prints have often been found including conscious finger print use in mark making and to sign works in painted caves. Foot prints unconsciously made and somehow preserved, then revealed again eons later. They are a shout, a song across sometimes many thousands of years. A hand holding or foot tapping together. An exhilarating connectedness.

Babies and Birth, a cycle

A cycle. Within one month our Prime Minister stared at death and welcomed a new baby.


A brand new Baby Boris. Born to the PM and new wife Carrie Johnson.