The Natural & Man-Made in the Landscape - Tors, Dolmen, Chambered Cairns, Menhirs.

Tors are naturally occurring, magnificently sculpted rock outcrops that appear as raised anomalies in a landscape. They are found particularly in exposed granite areas and are possibly created by the effects of the last Ice Age, deep weathering and the erosion of surrounding rock. Dartmoor tors are about 280 million years old.

Tors can stand out above the bedrock as jointed stacks or towers up to 5 metres high. Their uncompromising, ancient, muscular beauty is hard to resist. See also Pages 005 & 006


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Themes and Variations on Chambered Cairns.

A Dolmen is a stone structure. Its’ characteristic horizontal slab is supported by shorter vertical stones that creates a table like form.