Flowers fit for Kings. Daffodils, Snowdrops and Primroses

The daffodils stand so proud, confident, regal, are certainly dancing (and trumpeting) in the lower garden. I stare at their light and joy from my elevated studio window. These; the tallest and most yellow are of course the stately King Alfred variety. Superb and rightly named. Alfred the Great; we certainly need him now in these chaotic times. Alfred wisely saw the need for education and new laws to protect us from ourselves, he kept those powerful Vikings at bay and set the stage for a united kingdom.

And the snowdrops. Tiny star studs that gather on the lawn below me. Their gentle heads bow down meekly as if nodding in agreement with each other. They symbolise hope and purity – a salve to the spirits.

Fears over Astra Zeneca vaccine and blood clots emerge.